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Ever tried scheduling a spring or summer roofing project at the last minute? If you have, then you already know how difficult it is to find a roofing contractor with availability.

It can be stressful trying to secure a slot on a roofer’s schedule when everyone else is trying to do the same thing.

Additionally, there are many details that go into planning your spring roofing project, and they all take time. Therefore, we recommend getting on your contractor’s schedule early!

Why Schedule Spring Roofing Now?

Scheduling your spring roof appointment early can benefit you in the following ways:

You Get to Choose the Time/Date

Spring and summer are generally considered the best time of year for roof repair, replacement, and maintenance in Minnesota.

It shouldn't surprise us that most roofing contractors are busiest during the warmer months of the year, which means schedules fill up fast. Many home and commercial property owners, alike, wait until March or April to schedule their spring roof repair or replacement.

They often end up having to wait weeks, or even months, to have their project done. In some cases, they aren't even able to schedule the service with a preferred contractor.

When you schedule your project early, you beat the rush and can choose the contractor and the date that works best for you!

Roof Work Begins on Time

Preparing for a roofing project takes time and planning—from the initial meeting, measure, and contract signing to getting the proper permits, the final measure, and other logistical details completed in time to begin construction. It can take several weeks to properly prepare for your spring roof repair or replacement.

Plus, if beautiful lawn and gardens are a priority for you, having your roofing project completed before flowers, shrubs, and grass are fully grown will be to your advantage. When you schedule your project early, we can have everything in place and get to work by the spring thaw.

More Time to Plan Logistics

Scheduling your spring roofing project early gives you the chance to explore your options for roofing materials.

Your roof is a long-term investment, so it’s important to take the time to determine which materials are best for your property and budget.

Rather than replacing your roof with the same type of material you currently have, you may want to entertain other options, such as impact-resistant shingles for your home or a PVC membrane roofing system (like this one we recently installed for Coborn’s) for your commercial building.

Lock in the best pricing

As we mentioned above, your roof is an investment. Planning now for a spring roof replacement or repair gives you time to save. It also allows you to lock in pricing that suits your budget. Spring price increases are inevitable, so the sooner you get on the books, the better you are protected from these increases.

Scheduling now also gives you plenty of time to sort out financing, if you need it. You’ll have time to determine whether you want to work directly with your bank or with a home improvement lender to shop around for the best interest rates.

More Protection While Under Contract

roof leaks

If you schedule your spring roof repair or replacement now, you’ll have help mitigating roof leaks until the weather allows your project to be completed.

While it’s always important to maintain your roof during the winter, if your roof is already in need of repairs or replacement, it becomes that much more crucial. At All Elements, Inc., once we are under contract for a roofing project, we will typically try to keep leaks to a minimum to avoid further damage—at no extra charge to you.

Schedule Your Spring Roof Appointment

Our calendar fills up fast in the spring and summer. Whether you're looking for a spring roof inspection, repairs, or replacement, the time to start planning is now.

To help you plan for your next spring roofing project, check out our helpful guide on assessing your roof and finding the right contractor to do the job come spring!

Schedule your spring roofing project now to secure your spot on our calendar.


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