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Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial roof repairs are critical for maintaining and extending the lifespan of your property. A damaged roof can lead to leaks and other structural issues that compromise the safety and integrity of the entire building. Therefore, regular roof repairs are recommended to help prevent these problems and save you money.

At All Elements, Inc., we make commercial roof repairs easy and hassle-free so you can keep your business running and your roof in pristine condition.

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Like you, we're business owners and know that dealing with commercial roof problems can be a major headache. We also understand the importance of keeping your business up and running.

That's why we offer first-class roof repairs to help solve any issues that are keeping you up at night.

Cracking BUR Roofing

Cracking in your BUR roofing can cause leaks and water damage. We'll help identify the cause, repair the damage, and restore your commercial roof.

Roof Blistering
Blistering can result from poor installation, trapped moisture, or exposure to excessive heat. We'll repair the issue before it develops into cracks.
Weathering & Tearing

With regular inspection and repairs, you can prevent your PVC or TPO roof from weathering and breaking down, resulting in layer separation.

EDPM Membrane Shrinkage

When roofing material loses its elasticity, it contracts. We'll identify early signs of shrinking and provide repairs to restore functionality.

Other Types of Roof Damage

No matter the size or scope of the commercial roof repair, trust our team to keep your building protected against all the elements.

What to Expect

We want you to feel confident that your commercial roof is in good hands. Here's what you can expect from us.



First, we inspect your roof to better understanding the root cause of the issue.


Roof Repair

We repair your roof efficiently and with minimal distruption to your daily operations.



With regular inspection and repair services, your roof stays in optimal condition.

No Matter the Roof, You Can Count on All Elements, Inc.

Commercial roof repairs can be complex and varied, but our team has the experience and knowledge to work on any type of commercial roof, from BUR and EPDM to PVC and metal roofing.

BUR Repairs

Dealing with cracking, blistering, or weathering? These common BUR roofing issues can affect its performance and longevity. Good news, we have the skills and experience to repair the issue, so you can get back to business!

EPMD Repairs

From fixing leaks to repairing punctures or tears in the membrane to replacing damaged flashing, we address your repairs promptly—preventing further damage while ensuring it doesn't impact operations.

PVC Repairs

We've helped many businesses repair their single-ply membrane systems to ensure they enjoy the benefits of these popular materials, such as durability, UV protection, and energy-efficiency with less environmental impact.

Metal Roof Repairs

Metal roofs can face a wide range of issues such as rusting, cracking, or even punctures. Though a durable roofing solution, no material lasts forever. Partner with us to ensure your metal roof is repaired to the highest standards.

Local Roofers You Can Count On

We use high-quality materials and proven repair techniques to restore your commercial roof to optimal function, providing reliable protection for years to come.

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Commercial Roof Repair Insurance Claims

Let us help you navigate the process of filing an insurance claim for roof damage.

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