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Ice Dam Removal

Ignoring ice dams can result in devastating consequences for your business, including ruining inventory, causing closure, or creating injuries.

If you're noticing the early signs of ice dam formation, don't wait! Contact our team for professional ice dam removal.

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What's At Stake for Your Business

When snow accumulates on your roof during winter, it often melts and then refreeze at the roof's edge, creating a dam. Ice dams prevent any additional melting snow from draining off your roof, causing water to leak into the property.

Additionally, if ice dams are not properly removed, they can continue to grow and potentially cause more damage to your building, and potentially, your customers.

Water damage

Ice dams can cause water to seep through the roof and into the building, leading to costly repairs and potential damage to equipment, inventory, and other assets.

Injury risks

Business owners and employees may be at risk of injury while attempting to remove ice dams, especially if they are not properly trained or equipped.

Business interruption

Ice dams can force building closures or prevents access to key areas. This can lead to lost revenue, missed deadlines, and other negative outcomes.

Ice Dam Removal Process

Our team will remove ice dams from your commercial building with minimal interruption. Here's a quick overview of what's involved:



We'll assess the extent of the ice dam and determine the best removal method.


Steam Application

We'll carefully apply steam to the area, gradually melting the ice and allowing it to be safely removed.



Once the ice has melted, we'll remove the ice dam, ensuring no damage to your roof or gutters.

Ice Dam Removal FAQs

Have questions about ice dam removal in Minnesota? We provide answers to your top questions about this and other roofing issues.

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Person working on insurance claim for roofing project.

Filing an Insurance Claim

When snow, hail, wind, and other Midwest weather wrecks havoc on your roof, it's nice to know that All Elements, Inc. can help you assess the damage and work with your insurance adjuster to process the claim.

Learn More About Insurance Claims

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