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There are plenty of details that go into the planning of a spring roofing project. And the fall season is the perfect time to get the ball rolling!

Before the planning and prepwork can start, you'll first need to assess your roof and budget. Here are a few important steps you can get out of the way.

Roof Assessment Checklist

Begin Your Roof Assessment

When determining if your roof is in need of a repair or replacement, assess your roof with these three questions in mind:

  1. Are any shingles curling, peeling or missing?
  2. Are shingle granules piling up in my gutters?
  3. What is the overall condition of my roof?

Even a quick roof assessment  can help you determine if it’s wise to move forward with planning the rest of the logistics. The average lifespan of a shingle roof, for example, is approximately 20 years. So, if your roof is approaching, or exceeds this age, it has likely deteriorated to the point of warranting a replacement.

Next Steps for Roof Planning

If you've determined that you'd like to move forward with a spring roof project, you'll want to look at numbers, financing, and who you plan to hire to complete the work.

Set Your Budget

When you have an idea of the type of work that needs to be done, it's time to start planning your budget.

Ask yourself:

  • How much are you hoping to spend on your roofing project?

Setting a budget in advance will help you decide which materials to consider and which ones to rule out.

Determine If You Need Financing

In addition, if you’re going to be financing your roofing project, fall is an excellent time to start exploring whether you will work directly with your bank or with a home improvement lender. Next, you can begin shopping around for the best interest rates.

Interview Contractors for Estimates

A successful project and a quality end-product hinge on choosing the right contractor for your job.

If you want to avoid shoddy work—or with a contractor who skips town and leaves you with an unfinished project or a lawsuit against you for a job site accident—you should interview at least 3 contractors. Remember to be bold in your selection process, too.

Some helpful questions to ask the contractor include:

  • How long have you been in the roofing business?
  • What materials are you accustomed to working with?
  • Can you give me a list of references?
  • Can you show me proof of insurance?

Also, many contractors have close working relationships with home improvement lenders, so if you’re planning to finance your project, ask them for their recommendations!

Select a Contractor and Get on Their Schedule!

Once you’ve gone through the extensive process of interviewing roofing contractors and know the plan of attack—whether you’re going to be repairing or replacing your roof—choose the contractor you feel is best suited for the job and get on their schedule for spring.

Then pat yourself on the back for being proactive. Most homeowners don’t plan for a spring roof repair until the snow begins to thaw in April—missing the open window altogether!


Need Professional Roof Planning?

If you need help inspecting your roof for natural wear or storm damage, our team can provide you with a comprehensive inspection.

We can also walk you through your options and help you plan your spring roof repair or replacement, so you can rest easy this winter—knowing that you're already ahead of schedule come spring!

To get started, simply contact us today for a free estimate at 763.314.0234.

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