Record Rain Highlights Building Weaknesses

Wet enough for you? It’s been a rainy autumn and October started by making September look like a warm up act.

17 days of precipitation were recorded by the National Weather Service in September and in the first days of October some places in Minnesota have seen 6 inches of rain.

All the weather talks aside what it means for your building is, water is getting to places it normally doesn’t reach and is finding a way into your building. Heavy downburst rains cause water to stay on the roof longer as the drains, scuppers and gutters are at their maximum. High wind conditions blow leaves onto the roof, clogging up all drainage, knocking access panels off mechanical units and cloudy days keeps the sun from evaporating the water that remains. The result is leaks appear where they’ve never been seen before from your roof, air conditioning units, walls, pipes, etc. Keep in mind that not everything that leaks is the roof. If you have one of those unusual conditions look at your mechanical units, drains, scuppers, tuckpointing, flashings, plumbing vent stacks, bath & kitchen fans, and the perimeter of your roof. All of these are known to let water in during storms. If you can’t find the source give All Elements a call, one of our professional, trained technicians will happily look for the leak.

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