All Elements, Inc. Installs New Shingled Roof Over Big Lake Freedom Rock

At All Elements, Inc., we believe in supporting our local communities in any way we can. So, when we were approached by the Citizens for the Big Lake Freedom Rock®, we knew we needed to get involved.

Their Freedom Rock sits proudly in Lakeside Park and remains a community-wide monument to honor veterans in the Big Lake, MN, area for their sacrifices and bravery.

With such a beautiful symbol of patriotism, one problem stood in its way: the outdoor elements.

What Was at Stake?

As you might guess, hard rain, heavy snow, direct sunlight, hail, and other extreme Minnesota weather conditions threatened to diminish the incredible artwork that gives this monument its name and reputation.

Additionally, the Citizens for the Big Lake Freedom Rock® were only able to get the Rock through paver purchases and community and business donations of labor and materials. In fact, they had over 400 Veterans honored with installed pavers.

This meant that not only the Freedom Rock but also the pavers needed roof protection.

Top Challenges of Project

The Citizens for the Big Lake Freedom Rock® came to us with a request: Build a metal roof to help protect and preserve their Freedom Rock.

Shingled roof over Freedom Rock - Before installation.So, what was the dilemma?

The construction required experienced craftsmanship beyond an ordinary build due to strict park requirements.

The city instructed that builders were not allowed to remove any surrounding trees around the monument. That meant we'd need to install a roof that worked with the foliage, not against it.

A canopy and roof decking was already built over the monument, so the ask was for 1200 sq. feet of metal on a roof that would not be a square (27’ x 28’).

After several other contractors decided not to participate, we were asked to help.

We felt deeply honored to be given the opportunity to help preserve such an important piece of Big Lake's history and heritage. So, we accepted the challenge and waived all the fees.

Our Team's Solution

Due to the odd shape of the structure, we determined that a metal roof would not produce the right look.

Our crew inspected the area carefully and recommended the installation of Grand Sequoia® shingles to give the roof some dimension and a unique look along with longevity.

Additionally, this option would not interfere with the surrounding trees and park area while still providing quality coverage from Minnesota elements.

The Outcome

We put in our best efforts to help the Citizens for the Big Freedom Rock® achieve its goal: ensure their monument remains in pristine condition for years to come!

At All Elements, Inc., we believe that it's our duty to use our skills and resources to give back to the communities we serve—and the people who serve. We hope you'll visit Lakeside Park soon to see The Freedom Rock in person.

Rest assured that come rain, shine, or snow, you can now sit under a durable roof as you celebrate all the brave men and women who fight for our freedom every day!

Shingled Roof over Big Lake Freedom Rock - After Installation.

What Is The Freedom Rock?

The Freedom Rock was created by artist Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II who has made it his mission to paint a Freedom Rock in all 50 states to honor veterans.

He has already completed 99 rock paintings in Iowa, his home state, and Freedom Rocks continue to pop up across the country, including states like Minnesota, Washington, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Missouri.

The rock has become a symbol of patriotism and a place for veterans and their families to come together to remember and honor their service.

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