Roof Preparation for Solar Install

Are you thinking of installing solar panels onto your existing roof? If so, you're on your way to a great investment. Solar panels help you save money on your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and allow you to become your own power provider.

Before you start planning the project, however, you "must" first have a professional inspect your roof and perform any necessary repairs to ensure that it can support the installation and long-term weight of the panels.

Simply put: you need to ensure your new investment doesn't cost you big in emergency repairs.

Can You Add Solar Panels to an Existing System?

Yes, you typically can. However, if your roof is damaged or nearing its end of life (EOL), you can expect serious problems down the line, including leaks and other issues that can compromise the longevity of your solar panels (and existing roof).

Adding Solar Panels to an Existing Roof: What's the Risk?

Let's consider the weight of solar panels. On average, they weigh about 2 to 4 lbs per square foot. That might not seem like a lot, but imagine your roof is old or is already suffering from damage, including

  • Cracked or missing shingles
  • Roof leaks
  • Damaged flashing
  • Holes or punctures
  • Peeling of the roof's surface
  • Sagging or uneven surfaces
  • Mold or mildew growth

The weight of solar panels can exacerbate any existing damage to your roof, causing further deterioration.

The result? Leaks that damage your solar panels and compromise the integrity of your roof, leading to structural damage and even collapse. This can be dangerous and costly, as it may require extensive repairs or a full replacement.

Let's also consider that a damaged or aging roof may not be covered by your warranty if you install solar panels on it. If your roof fails, your solar panel warranty may not cover the damage, leaving you responsible for the cost of repairs or replacements.

Therefore, checking your roof before solar installation helps ensure that your panels will have a solid foundation and protects your investment by keeping your roof warranty intact.

I Want to Add Solar Panels to an Existing System: What's My Next Step?

To ensure your roof is ready for solar installation, here are a few steps you need to take to start the process.

Step 1. Hire a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof.

At All Elements, Inc., our team is ready and equipped to thoroughly inspect your roof to identify any issues and provide recommendations for repairs or replacement.

Step 2. Repair or replace your roof if necessary.

Good news! We can perform all repairs and replacements in-house, so you can continue to partner with us throughout the process. We'll also work to get you a competitive quote for the repairs and help you ensure your roof is ready for solar panels.

Step 3. Contact a professional solar panel installer.

It's crucial to choose a solar installation company that has experience installing solar panels on different types of roofs. They will be able to ensure that your solar panels are installed correctly and do not damage your roof.

Our team is happy to work with your solar panel contractor throughout the inspection and repair process to ensure everyone is on the same page and you get the best outcome possible.

Solar panel technician with installing solar panels on metal roof.

Can You Put Solar Panels on a Metal Roof?

Yes, you typically can put solar panels on a metal roof. In fact, metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular for solar panel installations because they're durable and long-lasting.

Metal roofs can also reflect sunlight and heat away from the panels, keeping them cooler and more efficient. Just remember, it's essential to have your metal roof inspected by a professional to ensure that it's in good condition before installing solar panels.

All Elements, Inc. handles metal roof inspections, repairs, and replacements, so if you're looking to install solar panels on a metal roof, we can help get it ready to support your new investment.

Supporting Homeowners and Businesses with Professional Roof Inspections

Whether you have a sloped or flat roofing system—regardless of its material—our team is trained and experienced to deliver professional inspections and repairs that keep your roof in optimal condition!

To learn more about how we can help prepare your roof for solar installation, please contact us today. We'll discuss your needs and plan a time for our crew to visit your location and inspect your existing system.

We'll then sit down together to discuss the inspection and work with you to make a plan for repairs/replacement, if necessary.

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