Featured Project: Gabriel Media

Gabriel Media of Sauk Rapids, MN contacted John Thurber at All Elements to inspect the roof for a possible relocation of their operations. Since their radio station studios, operations and media resources would be in the new building, a water tight roof would be essential to a new location.

Upon inspection several things were noticed.


  1. There were two roof types on the building, stitched together in a marginal technique. A Ballasted EDPM (rubber) roof was installed during a building expansion and tied into an older Built Up Roof (a.k.a. BUR, 4 ply Asphalt or Rock & Tar). It may have been watertight for now, but what about after other trades installed new HVAC equipment and added all the gear needed to broadcast a radio station? Would the foot traffic, tools, parts and equipment laying on the roof aggravate the seam and cause a leak?
  2. The roof had obvious repairs because of obvious failures, how long would they hold.
  3. Both roof types had indications they were at, or near, the end of their expected lifespan.

The decision to re-roof the building prior to moving their operations, studios and expensive broadcast equipment into the new location was made. The next decision was what roof product.

All Elements’ Matt Gill and Dusty Rosengren installed a 40 Mil, White Duro-Last PVC roof membrane because of its ease of installation onto an existing building. The Duro-Last white membrane is an Energy Star rated product and will provide a lower air temperature on the roof than an EPDM or Built up Roof, in most cases about 50 degrees cooler, which allows for an easier workload on the air conditioning equipment, and since there is broadcast equipment, there will always be air conditioning.


Most important is the warranty, Duro-Last warranties include Consequential Damage Coverage for 15 years. If a warrantied leak causes a loss, the manufacturer will cover consequential damages, see warranty example for details and remember, there will be a bunch of expensive, high tech gear stuffed in a small space where a roof leak could cause a lot of expensive damage.

In the end, Gabriel Media will have a new home and the building will have a fresh, new Duro- Last roof with a 15-year warranty. Be sure to check out the after photos as well as a testimonial from Gabriel Media below and contact us today to see if your roof is at the end of its lifespan and how we can help.


“When we purchased a building that needed a little TLC for the new location of our radio stations, the roof was in serious disrepair due to neglect. All Elements Roofing went above and beyond to come secure it to prevent any further damage, and were even able to move up the installation date so it wouldn’t require additional repairs and incur more costs. Not only did they do great work on the roof, but they were a pleasure to work with. They kept us updated on what was happening and when, and were great with replying to calls and emails in a timely manner. We’ve learned this isn’t always the case when working with companies to complete a remodel, so we’re very grateful for their exemplary customer service. We would highly recommend All Elements Roofing to anyone in need of residential or commercial roof repairs or services!”
- Deb Huschle, General Manager Gabriel Media

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