Complex ReConserve Roofing Project

By: Shawn Brannan

ReConserve, leading recycler of bakery and cereal grain by-products in the nation, has many plants, one of which calls Minnesota home. A watertight building is critical for a food processing plant and that begins with a watertight roof. In 2016, after experiencing roofing problems for several years, ReConserve reached out to Paul at All Elements and they began brainstorming solutions. Water leaks were causing damage to the roof deck and walls and vegetation and animals were finding their way onto the roof. Something absolutely had to be done.

In 2018, ReConserve was ready to move forward with a complete roof replacement. Dan Lageson led the All Elements team - tearing off the old roofing, inspecting the roof deck for damage, replacing what was needed, building it up and covering it all with a Duro Last PVC roof. Because part of the ReConserve building contains penetrations for mechanical equipment around which technicians frequently maneuver, we needed to account for foot traffic and potential falling objects, such as tools or small parts. In that particular area, we installed DensDeck® gypsum board and increased the number of walk pads for safety and for an additional layer of protection.

In spite of the project’s complexity, All Elements shined. We completed the project within the 90-day window and came away with yet another highly satisfied customer.

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