10 Rounds with Fritz Brown

1. What is one thing you would like building owners to know about (making repairs to) their roof?
Make sure you have a reputable contractor that has you in mind. Too many times repairs are done as band aids. A repair should be a long-term fix and not to get you through for a few months except in rare emergency cases.

2. What’s the most common problems you see?
Waiting too long to replace your roof. If your roof is past its useful life and you wait, chances are that you will have major issues when the roof does get replaced.

3. What are the worst things to put off repairing?
Flashings. Any deterioration of the flashings should be repaired or replaced quickly. Once they start deteriorating, they go fast and will start letting water in rapidly.

4. How long have you been in roofing?
Since 1996, so around 22ish years. That’s a lot of roofs!!

5. What is the thing you’ve done at All Elements that has made you feel the best about doing it?
Learning a new roofing system. Duro-Last is a unique system to say the least. I was once told, “If you’re not learning then you’re sleeping”.

6. What’s one roof “hack” you want to share
If you sharpen the back of your insulation saw and cut instead of saw, you make a lot less mess that you have to clean up.

7. What project is the one you will always remember?
Transfiguration Catholic Church. For reasons that would take way too long for me to type.

8. What’s one piece of safety advise?
There is always enough time to put safety gear on or up. If nobody else is grateful, your family sure will be.

9. What’s your favorite lunch spot you’ve discovered?
Kwik Trip!! I spend a lot of lunches in a hurry so I do a lot of filling up the truck and myself at the same time.

10. What’s your favorite song on the radio right now?
I’m not much of a music person so I listen to KFAN for the most part.

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