What Makes a Flat Roof Fail

"You need a new roof."

Not the five favorite words of any property owner, right?

We understand why no one wants to hear these words. Let’s face it, roofs are expensive. Any way you slice it, a new roof is one of the most expensive repairs on a building. The raw price tag, the cost per square foot, the percentage of your maintenance budget: however you break it down, it’s one big price tag.

However, we see building owners who hesitate to call for small problems because they're reluctant to hear those five grim words.

We'd like to urge you to flip that mentality, and make those calls. We make hundreds of repair calls to flat roofs every year, and mostly they're just that: repair, not replace, jobs. When you see something you don’t think is right, we'll send out our skilled service technicians to take a look.

You may be wondering: Is the scupper flashing good? Is that seam opening up? Are the flashings solid? Why does the brick around the scupper look wet? Not only can All Elements tell you what you are looking at, we can fix it. A repair for a few hundred dollars might allow you to replace the roof based on planning, not catastrophe.

How long should your roof last? That’s difficult to answer because of all the variables that affect its lifespan. Everyone in roofing has seen a “good” roof system fail prematurely and we’ve all seen roofs last longer than their expected lifespan. For that maximum lifespan, preventative maintenance is key.

Yep, along the lines of changing oil or rotating the tires on your vehicle, roofs need to be checked out regularly so small problems don't turn into big disasters. We are in the Northland and it's a brutal climate, so maintenance inspections twice per year are a good practice.

Bottom line: give us a ring at the first sign of a problem. We come out loaded for bear and ready to tackle all kinds of roofs. Have you noticed our service vehicles look like they are packing for an expedition? Shovels (for rock or snow), pumps, squeegees, half a dozen different cleaners, asphalt, rubber, TPO & PVC membrane are standard stock items alongside saws, drills, hand tools, fall protection gear, garbage bags and rags. So. Many. Rags.

Your best insurance against that five-word phrase of doom is maintenance and early repair. Bring us out for minor visits, and you can delay that one big visit you dread.





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