What's Included in a Roofing Contract?

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Any lawyer who's worth his or her salary will tell you that before you sign any contract, you first need to read through the entirety of the agreement. This couldn't be more true for a roofing contract.

What is a roofing contract?

It might sound self-explanatory, but a roofing contract is much more than a legally binding agreement between a roofing company and customer—though it is exactly that! 

On a deeper level, it's a promise to ensure your roof repair or replacement will be completed using quality materials, labor, and installation technique.

The agreement, itself, should give you peace of mind, as it needs to highlight the materials used for the project, the warranties included, the estimated length of the project, and your payment schedule—among other key details.

What to look for in a roofing contract?

The amount of pages included in each contract will defer, depending on the roofing company you hire, but every roofing contract should include the following components:

Roofing scope of work

This is really the blueprint of the project. It outlines the work that will be completed, the type of labor and materials required, the type of installation method that will be utilized, and so on! 

  • Think of it this way: the more detailed the scope of work is, the less room there is for misinterpretation and miscommunication. 

Provisions for unforeseeable circumstances

An experienced roofing company will inspect your roof before any contract is created. Though no two roofs are the same, when you've been in the industry for decades, you have a solid understanding of the type of work, materials, and labor each project will require. 

  • Having said that, there is always the chance for an unforeseen circumstance that could delay work, require additional parts, or require other roofing services. 
  • A roofing contract should include estimates and next steps to complete, in the event that something were to slow down construction. This will help avoid stress and headaches for both you and the roofing company. 


The roofing contract should also list the type of warranties included with the project. Should your roof become compromised due to extreme weather conditions, a product recall, or faulty work on behalf of the company, you will want to access this information immediately to take the necessary next steps.

  • A rule of thumb: A roofing company that provides product warranties is a good sign that the contractors stand behind the brand materials they use. 
  • Be sure to get a copy of any warranties included in the project before you sign the contract. This way you can compare it to other products you might be looking at.

Business credentials

Although we listed this component last on our list, it can't be overstated that every contract should show proof of the company's business details. 

  • This includes local and state licenses, zoning permits, insurance (i.e., liability and workers' compensation). 
  • If the contract is missing this key information, or the company is unable to show proof of insurance, you'll want to leave your name off that document. 

Is a signed roofing proposal a contract?

This is a good question! The proposal is not a legally binding contract. Instead, it's more of a suggestion or plan for your roofing project. 

After your roofer inspects your roof, for example, he or she will create a proposal (or plan) that provides a solution to the problem you're experiencing. This includes the type of work (repair or replacement), materials needed, and estimated costs. This document provides you with a basic overview of what the company will do to solve your roofing issue.

After you approve the proposed strategy, the next step is taking that information and putting it into a legally binding document that includes the items we listed above. 

Once you sign the contract, the agreement is now legally binding.

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