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Old roof with hail damage, chalk circles mark the damage. Shallow depth of field

My Roof Suffered Storm Damage – Now What?

By: Paul Levisee There are certainly precautions homeowners can take to gird up their roofs against storm damage. Top-of-the-line roofing materials installed by reputable contractors, roof warranties, biannual roof inspections…these are all excellent steps! Oftentimes, however, Mother Nature takes her toll in spite of our best efforts and we’re left to navigate the after-effects of storm damage. After a storm rolls through, there are some important...

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Featured Project: Historic Fleming Field

Featured Project: Historic Fleming Field

By Shawn Brannan, Commercial Manager In late 2017, Historic Fleming Field at the South Saint Paul, Minnesota airport pursued a roof replacement as part of a larger initiative to protect their buildings and their valuable contents. Fleming Field’s six quonset buildings – built in the World War II-era – are wooden structures said to have been built by Cadets-in-training for the United States Armed Forces....

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