Metal Roofing Repair for Commercial Buildings

White PU foam metal sheet roof

Maintaining a commercial building’s roof is an essential part of property management. And although metal roofs are a popular option due to their durability and longevity, that doesn’t mean they’re invincible to damage.

Let’s look at wear and tear that requires metal roofing repair and how to expand your roof’s lifespan.

What Events Require Commercial Metal Roofing Repair?

Extreme Weather

Weather conditions are the primary cause of metal roof damage. These events can include downpours, hail, and quick freezes and thaws, leading to ice dams

Weather damage can quickly lead to leaks and other severe issues if left untreated. 


Debris from an extreme weather event, such as a hurricane or hail, can easily lead to scratches on your roof. An expert roofing company can tell if it’s a surface-level scratch or a deeper gorge that requires replacement of that roof section. 

Corrosion and Natural Degradation

While metal roofs are specifically designed to avoid corrosion, that doesn’t mean they’re entirely protected against it. Without proper coating, your metal roof could start corroding, especially on the underside of the roof. 

It can also be a by-product of your environment, especially if you’re by the coast or have an HVAC system running up there. 

Even with the utmost care, your metal roof will eventually face corrosion and degradation, especially if it’s between 50-60 years old. In that instance, you’ll want to consider investing in commercial metal roofing repair. 

Different Metals Interacting

If you think back to high school science class, you may remember that not all metals work well together. When different metals are close, they can cause adverse reactions, leading to corrosion and vulnerabilities in the roof.

Incorrect Installation

Depending on who installed your commercial metal roof, there may be underlying problems growing over time. A thorough inspection from a professional can uncover any incorrectly installed sections of your roof and address them immediately so they don’t cause any damage. 

Taking the Right Preventative Measures

Taking the proper precautions helps save on metal roof repair costs in the long run. 

Examine and Clean It After a Major Weather Event

After a big storm, inspect your roof for any visible signs of damage. If you’re able, clear off any debris (i.e., leaves or branches) stuck up there. After a big snowstorm, clear your roof of excess snow and ice. This is also a good time to buff out any light scratches or remove any rust building up. 

A professional roofer can handle these tasks for you if you prefer. 

Cut Back Branches 

To reduce the amount of potential damage to your commercial metal roof, cut back bigger branches around and above your building. Doing this ahead of time can save you trouble and repair costs down the road. 

Invest in Annual Maintenance

An annual inspection can minimize metal roofing repairs by catching issues early on. A professional roofing company can identify and fix what’s happening, extending your metal roof’s lifespan. 

Preventative measures can also keep your commercial metal roof looking its best, which is a “must-have” when you want to make a good impression on your customers.  

Work With a Trustworthy Commercial Roofing Company

As your commercial metal roof is a significant investment, you want to know you can trust the company working on it. At All Elements Inc., we have a solid reputation for excellent roofing services, including commercial metal roofing repair. 

Protect Your Commercial Property 

Whether you’re managing a warehouse, office building, or retail space, All Elements Inc. can help maintain your metal roof and protect your commercial property investment. 

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