BUR Service

BUR Services


Build Up Roof Systems (or BUR) consist of a multi-ply roof membrane that protects your property from outdoor elements and also allows you to create a stable surface for the application of patios and roof gardens.

Why Consider Installing BUR?

BUR is one of the oldest roofing technologies for commercial buildings featuring flat roofs. Containing multiple layers of asphalt that is alternated between ply sheets, this built-up system allows for added protection, should the surface layer become damaged. 


Other Benefits of BUR

  • Waterproof
  • Multiple Layers of Protection


How We Protect Multi-Ply Asphalt Roofing


Though BUR provides an added layer of protection, if your roofing system contains bare patches, cracks, or small blisters, you’ll want to call in the experts to tackle the repair to ensure everything is installed correctly and to the highest quality standards.


Services We Offer:

  • Inspecting drains and scuppers for bar felts, dried out tar, and blisters
  • Inspecting terminations on all RTU’s, HVAC units, pipes, and parapet walls
  • Inspecting cap metal


We’ll also work with your general contractor and construction team closely to ensure your commercial roofing project stays on schedule. 


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Quality Brand-Name Products You Can Count On

At All Elements, Inc., we only use the best commercial roofing products in the industry, including Duro-Last, Gen Flex, and Johns Manville. When you partner with us, you always know you’re getting top quality in every service and product we provide.

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