Made-in-the-USA: Commercial Roofing Products We Proudly Use

Summertime is a time for having fun in the sun. It’s also the perfect time to celebrate America. In honor of the 4th of July season, All Elements Inc. wanted to show our appreciation for America by highlighting the U.S.-made commercial roofing products we use and a little history about each manufacturer!

At All Elements Inc., we are proud to use roof products made in America. Check out our list of manufacturers and the benefits of their U.S.-made commercial roofing products!


Top U.S. Roof Products and Their Manufacturers



Developed by jack-of-all-trades, John R Burt, Duro-Last is a roofing company created in 1981. It offers products made from strong PVC material. Duro-Last is now the world’s largest manufacturer of custom-fabricated roofing systems. 

  • Durable: Duro-Last roof products are made from durable PVC material that is highly resistant to wear and tear. They are also designed to withstand weather conditions such as high winds, heavy rain, and UV exposure.
  • Energy Efficient: Since Duro-Last roofing is highly reflective, it can reduce cooling costs.
  • Low Maintenance: Roofs made by Duro-Last require minimal maintenance over time because they’re built for durability. 

Hunter Insulation

Hunter Panel, founded in 1975 and headquartered in Portland, Maine, has been the leader in thermally efficient polyiso insulation for roofing since 1997. Its roof products optimize energy performance and thermal comfort.

  • Sustainable: Hunter Panel insulation products are made with zero ODP (ozone-depleting potential) and low GWP (global warming potential), making them sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Moisture-Resistant: Hunter Insulation's closed-cell design makes it very resistant to moisture absorption, helping reduce mold or water damage. 
  • Versatile: This insulation is compatible with many building materials and systems, making it ideal for different construction needs. 


Versico was founded in 1993. It is currently one of the top three single-ply roofing manufacturers in the U.S. Versico focuses on offering quality products and excellent service.

  • Weather Resistance: Versico roof products are reliable in different extreme weather conditions, such as hail, heavy rain, and snow.
  • Installation: Installing Versico roofing is user-friendly. 
  • Seam Strength: Because Versico membranes are strong, they are great for preventing water infiltration. 


Dating back to 1915, GenFlex has established themselves as one of the first users of polymer and reinforced plastics. Its products are made from high-quality materials, allowing for easy installation for customers.

  • Performance: GenFlex roofing is made with durability to ensure reliable performance through the decades.
  • Recyclability: Many GenFlex roof products are recyclable.
  • Low Maintenance: GenFlex products don’t require regular maintenance because they’re made from high-quality materials.

Elevate Metal

Headquartered in Nashville, Elevate Metal has become an innovative roofing company over the past 40 years. They make it their highest priority to always offer high-quality, reliable metal roofing products.

  • Thermal Insulation: By reducing heat transfer, roofs made by Elevate Metal maintain stable indoor temperatures.
  • Customizable: Elevate Metal’s metal roofing products can be tailored to specific projects and are ideal for different building designs and applications. 
  • Waterproof: Roofs made from Elevate Metal products have excellent protection from leaks and water damage.

CertainTeed Shingles

With a legacy spanning over a century, CertainTeed was founded as The General Roofing Manufacturing Company and has become a leader in North America’s exterior and interior building products. Today, it offers innovative products while maintaining sustainability. 

  • Long Lifespan: CertainTeed Shingles are made to last up to a lifetime.
  • Variety of Styles: CertainTeed Shingles are available in various styles and colors to match any building design.
  • Impact Resistance: With a Class 4 impact resistance, CertainTeed Shingles provide strong protection against hail and debris.

GAF Shingles

GAF was founded in 1967. With many homes and businesses in the U.S. using GAF products, it’s become the largest roofing and waterproofing manufacturer in North America. GAF prides itself on its sustainable,  innovative approach.

  • Innovative Technology: GAF Shingles are designed with Dura Grip™ Adhesive, allowing the shingles to stay in place during high winds.
  • Minimal Upkeep: Since GAF Shingles are made from algae-resistant asphalt materials, they require less upkeep to stay clean. 
  • Energy-Saving: Roofing made with GAF products meet ENERGY STAR® requirements, making them capable of lowering energy costs throughout the year.

Metal Sales

Metal Sales was founded in 1963 and is headquartered in Sellersburg, Indiana. Over the decades, it has become the nation’s largest manufacturer of metal roofing, wall, and building systems. It offers highly customizable products at an affordable price. 

  • Longevity: Their metal roofing products are engineered with strong durability
  • Variety of Finishes: Products from Metal Sales provide a variety of finishes and colors.
  • Resistant to Rot and Pests: Because Metal Sales makes metal roofing products, home and business owners are safe from rotting, warping, and attracting pests.

LP SmartSide

LP SmartSide has been offering innovative roof products for the last 50 years. Their products are made with dynamic technology that allows them to be resistant to many obstacles roofs face. Today LP SmartSide is focused on creating longer-lasting products.

  • Termite Resistant: Wood roofing made from LP SmartSide is treated to resist termites.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: LP SmartSide roofing offers a traditional wood style that is perfect for different aesthetics. 
  • Lightweight: Because LP SmartSide products are lightweight, they are easy to install.

EDCO Steel Siding

Founded in 1946 by Authur Edwards Sr. and his two sons, Arthur Edwards Jr. and John Edwards, EDCO has become one of the oldest domestic metal fabricators in the U.S. Today, they offer quality siding, roofing, gutter systems, and more.

  • Variety of Colors: Steel Siding made by EDCO is available in many different colors, offering endless style choices.
  • Moisture-Controlling: Since EDCO Steel Sidings are made from steel, they won’t absorb water, swell, or decompose over time.
  • Fire-Resistant: EDCO Steel Siding is non-combustible, making it fire-resistant.

Rollex Siding

Since the early 1950s, Rollex has been manufacturing high-quality metal and aluminum products. In the 1980s, Rollex extended its expertise to siding and has since become quite successful across the industry.

  • Durable: Rollex designs products that are resistant to denting, warping, and cracking.
  • Low Maintenance: Rollex Siding doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is easy to clean. It is also resistant to fading over time.
  • Reduces Cooling Costs: Rollex products are made to be energy efficient, lowering cooling costs.

Mastic Siding

With a legacy spanning over 80 years, Ply Gem has been delivering dependable and reliable products through the decades. They offer top-notch exterior products to businesses and homeowners. 

  • Different Aesthetics: Mastic Sidings are available in a wide range of textures and styles. Home and business owners can choose between designs that mimic wood or stone as well.
  • Easy Handling: Mastic Sidings are engineered to be easy to handle, allowing for quick installation and reduced labor costs.
  • Strong Integrity: Roofs made with Mastic Sidings are made with integrity and durability, lasting for decades without cracking or splitting.

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